More to come as more characters are introduced...

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Takana Damashii Witzbold

Info: Takana Damashii Witzbold was born a noble. Certain circumstances ensured that he didn't grow up as such, but he still quite fondly remembers the velvet-and-wine lifestyle. It's his goal to achieve that again. With a bit of help from those around him, he aspires to wealth and, if he can help it, fame. Or infamy, should it happen to be more convenient.

Age: 17
Birthday: September 13th
Sign: Virgo
Day: Sunday
Color: Green
Birth Place: Waldshür
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Talent: Negotiation, bribery, discretion, downright lying and cheating.
Character Song: Cake - You Turn the Screws, Harvey Danger - Wine, Women, and Song
Notes: The last name is pronounced "Vitzbold", since it's Germanic, but he goes by his middle name Damashii.
Philosophy: A thing worth having is a thing worth cheating for.

» Khirsint

Info: Khirsint's childlike nature is always ready to forgive and forget if it means a new friend, and that's exactly how she and Damashii met. Sweet, if a bit empty-headed, she was Damashii's first friend in Sinai.

Age: Unknown
Birthday: November 26th
Sign: Sagittarius
Day: Saturday
Color: White
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: Papaya
Talent: ...None. She makes friends easily, though.
Character Song: Dashboard Confessional - Age Six Racer, Ben Folds Five - Don't Change Your Plans
Notes: Pronounced: Keer (as in "peer") sint (as in "flint")
Philosophy: Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.

» Ghost

Info: Ghost is an assassin for hire, who works with the forbidden weapon: the gun. To be caught with this off-limits technology is punishable under pain of death, but Ghost is far too apathetic to care. She's a woman of few words, and the less said the better.

Age: 22
Birthday: February 12th
Sign: Aquarius
Day: Thursday
Color: Gray
Birth Place: Sinai (Split Poison's setting)
Favorite Food: Possibly bread, with a side of water.
Talent: It's extremely rare for her to miss her mark, and once she decides to get something done, it gets done.
Character Song: The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime 2
Notes: Ghost is an alias, but she's used it so long that her original name is all but forgotten.
Philosophy: Efficiency is intelligent laziness.

» Trail Guidestar

Info: Trail is from a nomadic tribe that survives the desert Sinai is situated in. She's well-versed in all manner of animals and nature of the desert, as well as all the myths and legends that go with it. She's learned every superstition, and practices all of them.

Age: 20
Birthday: April 12th
Sign: Aries
Day: Friday
Color: Brown
Birth Place: Just outside of Sinai (Split Poison's setting)
Favorite Food: Roast Sand-Crab
Talent: Her protective nature is motivation enough for her to defend anything she decides is hers, Damashii included. Very good with a bow and arrow, as well as a spear.
Character Song: Ben Folds Five - Philosophy
Notes: Spends at least an hour scrubbing the fur lining of her spear clean of blood after she kills something, but wouldn't think of cutting it off. It's traditional.
Philosophy: If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.

» Eshkol, The Witness

Info: The creature that Aranya sent Damashii to find in the desert. Damashii doesn't know very much about him yet, but Aranya appears to have summoned him before. Mouthless, and completely silent -- even knocking on a door would produce no sound from Eshkol.

Age: Unknown
Birthday: January 1st
Sign: Capricorn
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: None
Character Song: Thomas D - Wish
Notes: Damashii's still not sure how he eats.
Philosophy: To him that you tell your secret you resign your liberty.

» Aranya

Info: A good few years ago, Aranya became the founder the local mafia, the Silken Aracna. She created it with her own cunning and the power of her right-hand-man, Samhain. To own the city completely is her goal, but the current leader is putting up a frustratingly good fight.

Age: 24
Birthday: August 8th
Sign: Leo
Color: Black
Birth Place: Sinai (Split Poison's setting)
Favorite Food: Honey-sweetened anything
Talent: She puts her resources to extremely good use and lets nothing go to waste.
Character Song: TNP - Letter from an Occupant, Rilo Kiley - Portions for Foxes, No Doubt - Spiderwebs, Pink - Trouble
Notes: She chose to associate herself with the spider when she learned that some female spiders will devour their mates.
Philosophy: Why be a man when you can be a success?

» Samhain October

Info: Samhain is Aranya's bodyguard, loyal to the extreme and strongly devoted. He would gladly throw himself into harm's way if it meant saving her, which is just as she wants it. To everyone else he's grumpy, bastardly, and intimidating, which is just how he wants it.

Age: 25
Birthday: October 31st
Sign: Scorpio
Color: Black
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: Cantaloupe
Talent: He dresses darkly to ward off potential problems, and is quite capable of dealing with the people that don't get the hint.
Character Song: Edwin McCain - I'll Be, Aldebert - Carpe Diem
Notes: Puts a dark make-up around his eyes called khoal, but it tends to run and streak in water. That's a lot less dramatic than he'd like.
Philosophy: Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.

» Tobias Rinehart

Info: Tobias Rinehart is a very unstable noble of Sinai. He lapses between sanity and madness, with the former being a haughty, arrogant, typical nobleman. He's loyal to Aranya through Samhain, and loves the feeling of unity in the Silken Aracna that he doesn't find in the social circles of fair-weather friends in Sinai's court life.

Age: 22
Birthday: January 10th
Sign: Aquarius
Color: Pale yellow
Birth Place: Sinai (Split Poison's setting)
Favorite Food: Spiced Potatoes
Talent: He's quite intelligent when he's sane, and his good looks earn him a few favors with the ladies when wit fails him.
Character Song: TNP - Breaking the Law
Notes: His family came from Waldshür, equivalent to Germany, and so his name is pronounced the Germanic way: "Toe-bee-ass".
Philosophy: What other people think about me is not my business.

» Thae Thalin

Info: Born and raised in Sinai with his sister, Thae Thalin, called simply T by Aranya because she's decided his full name is too long, is an alchemist. He delights in the creation of new and interesting concoctions, and is always on the lookout for new people to try them out on. New people are necessary because the ones that survive the initial taste-test generally know better the second time around.

Age: 26
Birthday: April 28th
Sign: Taurus
Birth Place: Sinai
Favorite Food: :)
Character Song: -
Notes: Yes, those are fangs.
Philosophy: Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.

» Boreus Bellerophron

Info: Calm, composed, and fond of marlins, Commander Belle runs an efficient ship. He has an interest in the Witness, but nothing much else about him is known.

Age: 30
Birthday: August 12th
Sign: Leo
Color: Red
Birth Place: Suéret
Favorite Food: Seafood
Character Song: Thomas Fersen - Au Café De La Paix
Notes: "Beh - leh - roh - fron", or Commander Belle.
Philosophy: The best way to predict your future is to create it.

» Vashir

Info: Cheerful, pleasant, huge-mouthed, and fiercely loyal to Belle. The two have seen a lot together, and Vashir remains Belle's most trusted companion through it all.

Age: 36
Birthday: March 4th
Sign: Pisces
Birth Place: Caimia
Favorite Food: Spicy things
Notes: Yes. He does pronounce the hearts.
Philosophy: One can enjoy a wood fire worthily only when he warms his thoughts by it as well as his hands and feet.

» Shrew la Luz

Info: Being a shapeshifter places Shrew as Belle's most useful crew member. He is sent on everything from errands to assassinations, and never complains. Anything for the sake of Commander Belle, he would say with an empty face.

Age: 31
Birthday: December 1st
Sign: Sagittarius
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: None
Character Song: Ben Harper - Amen, Omen
Notes: Is an excellent actor to match the faces he takes, despite not displaying any emotions himself.
Philosophy: Be able at any moment to sacrifice that which we are for what we could become.

» Jam

Info: Jam is, of course, not his real name. And he will, of course, refuse to tell you what it is. And he will, of course, inflict irreparable mental damage on you for asking.

Age: Unknown
Birthday: January 22nd
Sign: Aquarius
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: Unknown
Character Song: Anti - Nothing Plus Nothing (Is Still Nothing), Pseudo Six - Apathy and Excess, The Faint - Posed to Death
Notes: The jury is still out on whether his orange eyes are natural or not.
Philosophy: Whatever we worship is sure to be our undoing.

» Mason

Info: Mason had been sent by Commander Belle to keep an eye on Sinai, only to be chased away by an unwitting Damashii. Needless to say Belle wasn't pleased that he returned, and he's been restationed. This time with Jam to keep him company.

Age: 24
Birthday: June 2nd
Sign: Gemini
Birth Place: Unknown
Favorite Food: Cake
Character Song: Voltaire - Zombie Prostitute
Notes: Blind on the right side.
Philosophy: Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win.